Federal grant to help Hawaii health centers

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - More than $1.2 million dollars in federal grants will help 14 Hawaii health centers provide affordable health coverage to uninsured residents across the state.

The money will make it easier for people in Hawaii who are uninsured to enroll in new health care coverage options through the controversial Affordable Care Act, according to Health and Human Services.

"This investment will give Hawaii neighborhoods and towns one more resource to help people understand their insurance options and enroll in affordable coverage," HHS Secretary Sebelius said.

The additional funds will also mean more jobs, as new 21 workers are expected to be hired at various local health centers.

"Hawaii health centers are excited to help individuals in their communities take advantage of the benefits of new health insurance coverage options that start in January, 2014," said HRSA Administrator Mary Wakefield, Ph.D, R.N. "Having trained, face-to-face assistance in enrollment from trusted resources at local health centers means that more Hawaiians will get the help they need."

For a list of health centers receiving this funding in all 50 states, visit: http://www.hrsa.gov/about/news/2013tables/outreachandenrollment/

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