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Witnesses testify about alcohol in Deedy murder trial

Matthew Golbus Matthew Golbus
Kamahuialani Barbett (A bartender at Coconut Willy's) Kamahuialani Barbett (A bartender at Coconut Willy's)
Kaleookalani Hosaka Kaleookalani Hosaka

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - After opening statements in Christopher Deedy's murder trial, the prosecution called three witnesses to the stand on Monday. The resident agent-in-charge of the Diplomatic Security Service went over activities prohibited under State Department policy.

"Consumption of any alcoholic beverage while armed or six hours prior to being armed or at any time prior to being armed sufficient to impair an agent's judgement or ability to perform his or her duties," said Matthew Golbus.

The defense argued that a separate federal statute allows an off-duty special agent to consume alcohol as long as the agent is not under the influence. Before heading to the McDonald's on Kuhio Avenue, Deedy paid for nine drinks at Coconut Willy's, but the bartender who rang up his tab didn't serve his group or see who actually consumed the beverages. She said that she didn't see any signs of intoxication.

The Honolulu Police Department officer who drove Deedy to the Queen's Medical Center after his arrest testified that he appeared to be intoxicated.

"A strong odor of alcoholic beverage emitted from his person, eyes were red and glassy. As I escorted him to the car prior to transporting him to Queen's, his footing was uneasy," said Kaleookalani Hosaka of the Honolulu Police Department.    

Deedy's lawyers brought up photos taken in the emergency room to contradict those claims.

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