Residents report low water pressure in Kaneohe

File Photo: Board of Water Supply
File Photo: Board of Water Supply

UPDATE at 6:00 a.m. on Thursday:

A Board of Water Supply spokesperson says that the water service system in Kaneohe is stabilizing and that water service should slowly start coming back to Kaneohe residents.

No homes should be completely without water, and water pressure should start becoming stronger.

The Board of Water Supply does not have an estimate on how many homes were affected, but says the issues were due to a main break in a non-residential area that has no traffic impact.

Water outages and instances of low water pressure have been reported in a wide area in Kaneohe, according to a representative from the Honolulu Board of Water Supply.

The location of the issue is estimated to be near Ahui Nani Place, where a crew is working to try and isolate the break.

Officials are not yet certain how many people the issue is affecting.

We'll have more information on this story as soon as it is available.

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