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Two new movies worth seeing this week: STORIES WE TELL and THIS IS THE END

STORIES WE TELL IS  a fascinating documentary by the Canadian actress and director Sarah Polley who turns the camera on her own family in hopes of discovering who her biological father is.
Polley (voice over): "I was 13 when my sister told me you know, your dad's probably not your real dad."

Sarah Polley's mother died when she was just eleven years old. She was raised from that point on by the man she'd always assumed was her biological father. But as an adult she decided to interview everyone in her family plus her mother's friends to see if she could learn the truth. The process began with her oldest brother.

Oldest brother: "What I overheard was mom saying that she was pregnant and that she wasn't sure who the father was."

Using those interviews plus old Super 8 home movies as well as re-enactment footage also shot on 8mm film, Polley shows us the process she went through to discover not only who her biological father was but also the many discrepancies in the stories everyone told about what had happened before she was born.

What makes the movie fascinating is that what she finds out has beneficial consequences for everyone affected by her discoveries.

In THIS IS THE END a group of Hollywood actors play deranged versions of themselves. The film itself is an outrageous, gross-out comedy about the end of the world. If it doesn't offend you, THE END OF THE WORLD  will surely make you laugh, because it's a ridiculously funny comedy about how these egotistic actors react when they're confronted with the apocalypse and suddenly realize that their money and fame aren't going to get them into heaven.

The humor is often so raunchy that the filmmakers were surprised their movie didn't get an NC-17 rating. in fact, they're disappointed with its "R" rating.

I laughed often as I watched these actors make fun of themselves in this outlandish parody of a horror film.  But be warned, THIS IS THE END is gross out humor carried to extreme lengths. Are there any taboos left in Hollywood?

Terry Hunter, Hawaii News Now

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