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Hawaii Boy Thanks Blood Donors For Saving His Life

Keanan Block Keanan Block
Donors at the Blood Bank of Hawaii Donors at the Blood Bank of Hawaii
Keith Block Keith Block
Keanan Block gives Jennifer Jones a hug Keanan Block gives Jennifer Jones a hug

HONOLULU (Hawaii News Now)

By Marc Arakaki

Two months ago, a 16-year old local boy was on the verge of death, but thanks to blood donors, he is now a healthy high school junior. Iolani school student Keanan Block got a rude awakening on his birthday. He discovered he was bleeding internally and needed 11 units of blood.

"The best way I can describe receiving blood is that it's almost as if you're taking in air after holding in air for a really long time. You just feel like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders and you feel so much better - a million times better," said Block.

After multiple trips to the hospital, doctors found a "suspicious" area in his intestines which they cauterized or removed. Now he can get back on the tennis court at full strength.

"I feel completely back to normal and everyone's treating me like normal and I've never felt so happy to be normal again," said Block.

Today is World Blood Donor Day and although Keanan doesn't know who donated the blood that saved his life, he was able to thank other donors.

"When you sit in here and they have the blood coming out, you know it's going to someone but to actually physically see somebody and give them a hug and know that, that could be very well your blood is amazing," said blood donor Jennifer Jones.

Keanan's father, Keith, is also a blood donor and has been donating since he was 18.

"I've believed in donating all my life - never really thinking that it might be my own son that needs the blood. So now, it's just reinforced in my mind the importance of doing that," said Keith Block.

Keanan isn't old enough to donate, but said when he turns 18, he will share the gift of life with others.

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