Jones embarks on 6th annual America Samoa Mission

(HawaiiNewsNow) - With medical and athletic supplies in tow, former Warrior football coach June Jones departed Honolulu for the 6th annual America Samoa Goodwill Mission, supported by the June Jones Foundation.

Jones was accompanied by a handful of former UH players and Hawaii football stars (including Jesse Sapolu, Maa Tanuvasa, Vince Manuwai and Reno Mahe, among others) and six doctors on a mission to provide physical education and medical aid to the less fortunate.

"The doctors and nurses spend, from the time we hit the ground, as much time with patients as they can," Jones told Hawaii News Now.

"I know we built, in the hospital, a new children's room, where kids who are terminally ill and suffering from different things at least have a place they can go. Everyone in this group does so much and helps as much as they can and it's exciting every year that we go down."

For those like Sapolu, making the trip provides an opportunity to reconnect with their heritage and a chance to bring a smile to those who have helped celebrate his accomplishments.

"We all know the medical situation in Samoa is not the best. If we can do anything possible to make it better for one person then god bless june jones and his foundation."

It's estimated that during the past six years, the foundations been able to donate nearly $3-million dollars worth of supplies to America Samoa.