Johnson family searches for missing son on Big Island

Johnson family searches for missing son on Big Island

BIG ISLAND (HawaiiNewsNow) - The Johnson family has been on the Big Island searching for any sign of their son Bo.

The last time they heard from him was Monday, May 27, the day before fishermen found the body of his girlfriend, Brittany Jane Royal, off Kalapana.

Bo and Brittany had been camping together.

Brittany's father, Ted Royal, says the two were looking forward to starting a family together on the Big Island.

The Johnsons hope their son is alive and hiding out because he fears for his life. His mother Kathy published her phone number in the Big Island Chronicle, seeking information.

"We feel for his family. We hope and believe in our hearts that he's not involved. We're 100 percent behind Bo's family and we know they're hurting as we are," Ted Royal said.

The Johnsons told local papers that their son planned to buy 10 acres to start an organic farm. When he didn't show up to close on the property, the realtor notified his family.

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