Baldwin's Keelan Ewaliko ready to get in gear

He was an all-state football player and a record-setting track star for Baldwin high school.
     It seems there's no challenge keelan ewaliko *won't stare down, including...
     A bull ride???
     Yup, the soon to be Warrior is bypassing his summer passion, in order to enroll in at the University of Hawaii early.
     "I was scared at first," laments Ewalkio. "No doubt it's scary. A 25-hundred pound animal and you're riding it. It's mean and it's scary."
     Well, yeah! So why attempt it?
     "I don't know. Something about me that said, jump on it and try it. I tried it and never stopped. It's really fun and it's a thrill and just a rush."
     A rush is what Warrior football fans are feeling after watching this play maker rip apart defenses.
     His speed is no secret. What is, is what fuels it.

As a junior, Ewaliko's top competition in track was King Kekaulike's Jay Braun Jr. It's a rivalry that came to a head during the MIL finals.
     "He was always beating me, beating me, beating me. It came down to one race. There was another gear inside of me and it just shifted and i blew past him. After that, my coach kept telling me, Keelan, if you push yourself hard enough, you have a gear in you that no one else has."
     It was a gear that was evident during the HHSAA State Track and Field championships when Ewaliko went head-to-head with one of the states fastest in the 4X100 relay -- St. Louis school's Jeremy Tabuyo.
     "Tabuyo was in front of me for a bit," recalls Ewaliko. "I kept telling myself: I'm not going to lose, I'm not going to lose. For some reason I found that gear and just took off."
     It's a gear Hawaii fans hope to see quite often. Ewaliko played quarterback in high school but is expected to shift positions in college.
     "Coach says my speed and my break away ability is the most valuable part of me right now. So I can play anything, receiver, slot, kick returner...Safety. It's just up for grabs. Where ever coach needs me."