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Falling boulder nearly misses Kalihi home

Melcio Huff Melcio Huff
Carty Chang Carty Chang
KALIHI, OAHU (HawaiiNewsNow) -

A falling boulder between one and two feet in diameter nearly missed a home on Kula Kolea Place in Kalihi on Monday evening, according to police.

The 150-pound rock fell from the hill above the property and smashed into a fence on the side of the home.  Honolulu Police reported no injuries or property damage.

"All I heard is BANG, so I went down, I don't know what is that, then I see the rock just hit on this side," said Melcio Huff who was walking his dog in the area.

According to the consultants on the scene, the property above the home, is believed to be the same property that has been involved in several falling rock incidents in the past few years.  Some even causing damage to nearby homes.

"This is a natural environment here and the homes are built so close to the foothills, essentially this is going to happen," said Ardalan Nikou, department manager at AECOM consulting. "The best precaution is not to build so close to the mountain."

AECOM and the Department of Natural Resources will review the information gathered and determine exactly who's land the boulder came from and if any rockfall mitigation is necessary. 


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