Movie Review: FRANCES HA

Movie Review: FRANCES HA

If you're looking for an alternative to all the typical Hollywood summer movies, I recommend FRANCES HA, a delightful comedy/drama about a 27 year old woman who's not quite ready to be an adult.

Featuring a breakout performance from Greta Gerwig, who co-wrote the script with director Noah Baumbach, this charming black and white movie gives us a unique main character who's both endearing and maddening.

But she's almost guaranteed to leave you with a smile on your face.

Though she's 27, apprentice dancer Frances still lives in Brooklyn with her college roommate and best friend, Sophie, and she still holds onto her impossible dream of succeeding as a professional dancer.

Frances: Tell me the story of us.
Sophie: Again? We are gonna take over the world.
Frances: You'll be this awesome publishing mogul.
Sophie: And you'll be this famous model dancer.

But Sophie meets a nice guy and wants to move out, and that throws Frances for a loop.

Frances: I wanna love him if you love him, but you don't love him.
Sophie: I do.

Because Frances' part time job teaching children to dance is not enough to pay rent, she's forced to make a series of temporary living arrangements.  One of her roommates is a would be writer who calls her "undateable."
Frances: Do I look old to you?
Male roommate: No…yes. how old?
Frances: Older than I am. older than 27.
Male roommate: No; 27 is old though.

Frances tries to cover up her anxiety with lots of optimism and enthusiasm, but she is fumbling her way through life, sabotaging herself at every turn. And yet she's also honest and vulnerable.
Man at dinner party: What do you do?
Frances: It's kind of hard to explain.
Man: Because what you do is complicated?
Frances: Because I don't really do it.

And she has a very hard time letting Sophie go on with her life.

Frances: What are we doing with our day?
Sophie: I gotta get going around five.
Frances: I thought we were hanging out.
Sophie: We are.
Frances: All day.
Sophie: I have plans with Patch tonight. I told you.
Frances: No, you didn't.

FRANCES HA is smart, refreshing entertainment with an awkward yet resilient main character who just might be unforgettable.

Terry Hunter, Hawaii News Now.