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Possible stray bullet strikes van at Sandy Beach

Kayoko Sheffield Kayoko Sheffield
Carl Shimada Carl Shimada

HAWAII KAI (HawaiiNewsNow) - A family trip to Sandy Beach this weekend ended with a bang and what looks like a bullet hole in a van. Kayoko Sheffield believes a stray bullet hit the roof of her vehicle. The mother of two said she was backing out of a stall around 2:45 p.m. Saturday near the kite-flying area.

"I just reverse the car and I heard big noise from somewhere, so I stopped the car," said Sheffield.

Sheffield walked around the van, but didn't see any damage. During her drive home, the Hawaii Kai resident said she heard something rolling around in the roof. Whatever pierced the exterior metal is still stuck inside. The hole in the roof is behind the driver's seat and in front of the first passenger row where her two young children were strapped in.

"This is a public beach and everybody is enjoying at the beach, right. It's scary. I don't want to come back here with kids," said Sheffield.

Sheffield filed a police report. Authorities have opened a first-degree reckless endangering case.

The island's only public firing range is in the area, but users don't want to be unfairly targeted. Sheffield said her husband notified authorities at the Koko Head Shooting Range about the incident on Monday, but Carl Shimada, who practices at the range, doesn't believe the facility is involved.

"It's kind of an improbable thing. The distance where the bullet ended up couldn't be from here. It would have to be aimed directly aimed toward Sandy's directly in the sky to even try to be two miles away," said Shimada.

The city has looked into complaints about stray bullets from the shooting range in the past. Shimada said workers enforce strict rules to help keep everyone safe.

"There's FBI, HPD, there's all different law enforcement all over here so there's no reckless endangerment over here," said Shimada. "If anything, the only place would be either from the main road or up there, the hikers."

But that possibility worries Sheffield even more.

"It's even scarier though, if someone's gonna shooting from the mountain or something. It's scary."

Police weren't able to remove the object from Sheffield's roof. She has contacted her insurance company and hopes to hand the item over to authorities once the van is taken in for repairs.

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