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Nashville grandmother tells story of survival in OK tornado


The images coming out of Oklahoma after the destructive EF5 tornado have been captivating, especially for those who have family in the Moore, OK, area.

One Nashville grandmother's family found themselves in the center of the danger. Sheree Spoltore watched as her daughter's home and her granddaughter's daycare fell right in line with the path of the killer tornado.

"I didn't even want to look at it. I couldn't look at it," Spoltore said.

Her granddaughter sat in Agapeland Learning Center in Moore, right in the line of the massive twister.

"We're just watching this street-by-street massive destruction taking place," Spoltore said.

Sure enough, the tornado destroyed the daycare. But huddled in a bathroom, teachers kept every single child safe, including Spoltore's granddaughter, Aria.

"And the most important thing I could say today is thank God for teacher at AgapeLand daycare Cathy Wilson. She's a hero," Spoltore said. "Fifteen children in a small bathroom. I understand that the winds were actually lifting my granddaughter, Aria, up off the ground, and she held her with her leg - by Aria's leg - and held her down."

With the good news of survival, though, came word of loss.

"People like Cathy Wilson saved my granddaughter's life. But Cathy Wilson lost her home, her car and her place of employment and her income," Spoltore said.

Now, Spoltore's daughter has launched a Facebook page and a bank account in Oklahoma to help the daycare workers who saved lives in a moment.

Spoltore said she will probably contribute, but her thanks for Wilson will surely go far beyond a few dollars.

"I'm sure I'll just hug her neck," Spoltore said.

If you would like to contribute, visit the group's Facebook page:

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