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Freeway shooter will get life with parole possibility

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) -

Convicted freeway shooter Toby Stangel faces life sentences with the possibility for parole when he is sentenced in August.

A jury did agree Monday that Stangel, 30, is a multiple offender.  But it could not decide whether the prosecution proved he is a danger to the public.

"There's no winners here, and it's still all about the victims and their families," Stangel's father Mike Stangel said afterwards. "All along we've prayed for Toby that there would be justice mingled with mercy and hope. And we think we've got that."

Stangel was convicted last week of fatally shooting Tammy Nguyen, a mother of 10, in June 2011. She was sitting in her minivan at a red light in Kaimuki. He's also guilty of attempting to kill two other motorists.

Prosecutor Dwight Nadamoto wanted Stangel sentenced to life without parole.

"When you have somebody going around for no reason just shooting at people, they couldn't say why he was doing it, why can't it happen again?" he said.

One thing that has not come out in court is why Stangel committed the crimes.

"Maybe when we get to sentencing, I think a lot more will come out," defense attorney John Schum said. "At this stage, he doesn't know exactly why it happened. We have a pretty good idea. And we'll see if it's even helpful for that to come out."

The prosecutor will ask the judge to sentence Stangel to consecutive life terms when he's sentenced on August 7.

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