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500 show up for a Pomeranian, some leave with other animals

Aja Paro Aja Paro
Anthony Dela Cruz Anthony Dela Cruz
Dela Cruz's pit bull mix Dela Cruz's pit bull mix
Keoni Vaughn Keoni Vaughn
HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) -

The Pomeranian Powerball continued for the second and final day at the Hawaiian Humane Society. Today the 13 little dogs attracted nearly 500 people looking to take one home. The remaining 19 will be adopted on an individual basis when they are healthy.

Elizabeth Chang got the first Pomeranian today and Aja Paro got the last.

"Lucky number 13!" said Aja Paro, as she held her new Pomeranian.

They were two of the nearly 500 people who showed up for the raffle to adopt one of the rescued Pomeranians who were surrendered by an overwhelmed breeder earlier this week. But after the 13 Poms were taken some selected another companion.

"I'd much prefer to get a rescue dog than go out and buy an animal from someone else," said Tyrone Wilson, who is looking for a therapy dog after he was in a motorcycle accident in February.

"We came for a Pomeranian dog but we told ourselves we were going to come and even if we didn't have one we were going to adopt another one," said Andrea Kalaaukahi.

Kalaaukahi and her husband Anthony Dela Cruz chose a pit bull mix, pretty much the opposite of a Pomeranian.

"So beautiful," said Dela Cruz, of his new dog.

Another terrier mix named Nellie got adopted today, but then that person's number was selected for a Pomeranian so he returned Nellie. That gave Kennedy Ursulum a chance to snag him.

"We saw (Nellie) and took a chance," said Ursulum.

And then there is Bob, a mellow Chihuahua mix who is going to have to perk up. He's going home with a two year old who wants to play.

"We wanted a small one for the kids. He's so mellow," said Amy Bautista, Kapolei, who adopted Bob. "We were thinking about the Pomeranians but they were all gone so my husband said let's just go inside and see what we can."

"That was probably the highlight of the morning. We have adopted about a dozen dogs and cats in addition to the Pomeranians so it's a really good day here at the Hawaiian Humane Society," said Keoni Vaughn, Hawaiian Humane Society Director of Operations. "We're Oahu's only open door shelter so we welcome all animals. As a result we need the community to really help out and adopt."

Last Friday the shelter was at a critical level with 74 dogs available for adoption. Today they are still full with 50 dogs plus the rest of the Pomeranians.

"We love them equally and each have their own personality and each will make a really good fit depending on the individual," said Vaughn.

After all there's more to love than Pomeranians.

If you are still interested in one of the remaining Pomeranians they will be released for adoption on an individual basis when they are healthy. Some may not ready for adoption for weeks. There will not be anymore raffles. You are advised to continue to check the Hawaiian Humane Society website to see if they are available. The staff asks you not to call the office to check on the Pomeranians availability.

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