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Moiliili attack victim speaks out

Maseeh Ganjali Maseeh Ganjali
Jamal Morris Jamal Morris
HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) -

Maseeh Ganjali's Dodge pickup truck was still parked on University Avenue Thursday, exactly where he was attacked the day before.

The 30-year-old Ganjali still shows signs of the brutal attack, especially the injury to his right eye. 

Ganjali was driving to work Wednesday afternoon when 24-year-old Jamal Morris asked to hitch a ride. The two men had gone to the same mosque and had been acquainted for a few years.

"I hadn't seen Jamal for a long time. But I never knew him as a violent man," said Ganjali.

But as Ganjali was parking his truck, Morris attacked without warning, gouging Ganjali's eye.

"And he put his finger in my eye. I was so shocked. I didn't know how to react. I didn't know if he's joking. I didn't know if he's serious. I didn't know what was going on. I was so shocked," said Ganjali.

Ganjali said Morris also bit his head and beat him. He was unable to escape because the truck was still in gear and his seat belt was fastened.

Ganjali spent several hours in the hospital emergency room. That's where he found out that Morris had been arrested Saturday night, just a few blocks away from where he was attacked. Arrest records show Morris was taken into custody at South King and Coolidge Streets for terroristic threatening after he allegedly doused someone with vodka and threatened to light it.

Morris was out on bail and missed a court hearing Wednesday, the day Ganjali was attacked.

"He tried to light someone on fire, knowingly. And a bail of two thousand dollars for that?" asked Ganjali.

Ganjali is still shocked. But he's also angry. He said Morris is on a mission, and has mentioned the names of others from the mosque that he has targeted. "He has people he's going after and he's actively pursuing that goal. He's going to the places that they eat in. He's going to the places they work in."

Honolulu Police said Morris remains in custody in the psychiatric ward at the Queen's Medical Center.

"He's a danger to the society. He's a danger to a very small and very fragile community at the mosque, a community that's struggling to survive as it already is," said Ganjali.

Ganjali said he still considers himself lucky because there's a chance that his right eye will recover. He said there was some external damage to the eye, but no internal damage.

"I'm happy that it happened to me and not a little girl or a little boy, not someone weaker than I am," he said. When asked whether it should have happened at all, Ganjali looked down and shook his head.

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