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Hundreds flock to shelter for chance to adopt Pomeranian

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) -

Some pure bred Pomeranians created an adoption frenzy Thursday morning. More than 220 people came to the Hawaiian Humane Society trying to adopt one of the dogs.

The 43 Pomeranians were surrendered from their overwhelmed breeder earlier this week in Halawa. The first 11 were healthy enough to be neutered and adopted today.

There were black, white and brown Pomeranians available ranging in age from puppies to 10 years old. David Williams camped out all night to be first in line to get one.

"Because I have a little son and a little daughter that want a Pomeranian," said David Williams, Salt Lake, who owned a Pomeranian before.

"It was very uncomfortable and very noisy," said Williams, referring to his night.

"There is no need to rush. It's not on a first come first served basis. Everybody is going to have the same opportunity," announced Keoni Vaughn, Hawaiian Humane Society Director of Operations, to the crowd of people waiting before he opened the doors.

It turns out they were doing a raffle instead. They brought the more than 220 people inside, gave them a number and a bit of education to fight puppy mills of pure bred animals.

"People must ask to see the living conditions of the puppy's parents. I can't tell you how important this is," said Jacque LeBlanc, Hawaiian Humane Society Community Relations Director. "This isn't the first case of dogs living in horrid conditions. This happens every single year."

Then they started announcing winning numbers.

"0-0-1," called out Vaughn.

The ticket with that number belonged to Princess Cobbs.

"It was so exciting I was like, 'oh my goodness is there another number?' But it was mine. I got over the shock and picked my dog," laughed Cobbs. "Her name is Julia. She is one year old and of course she is a cream color. She is for us to keep forever."

And the Pomeranian Powerball numbers kept coming until all 11 had an owner.

"It's great! I got here at 6:30 this morning and wasn't sure what to expect. My 9 year old really wanted one of these dogs and now I get to pick her up today at school with this new dog," said Maria Penn, from Ewa, who held a winning ticket.

"I love her already," said Sarah Baoy, from Kahaluu, who held a winning ticket. "She'll be a house dog, a car dog, a shopping dog!"

"It was so exciting!" said Hope Maciolek, from Honolulu, who held a winning ticket. "I felt lucky this morning. I told him I knew I was going to get one."

The dogs' breeder had been selling each pet for $2,500. But the shelter kept its standard adoption fee of just $65, which even included a Petco grooming, a veterinarian visit, microchip and vaccinations. However the new owners did have to sign an agreement saying they wouldn't turn around and resell the dogs.

"We're not here and we're not asking you guys to come and get the best deal in town. We are asking you to provide a loving caring home for these dogs," Vaughn told the crowd, who says they do monitor Craig's List and other outlets make sure people are not trying to sell the dogs.

As for David Williams, the man that camped out, his number wasn't called.

"I'm very disappointed. Sad in my heart," said Williams.

However there are more than 50 other dogs vying for attention and worthy of a good home.

The Hawaiian Humane Society will do it again Friday morning with another group of about a dozen Pomeranians. Don't forget it is a raffle so there is no need to camp out overnight. You just need to be at the shelter before 9:00 am to get the ticket. The address is 2700 Waialae Avenue in Honolulu. For more information click here.

After Friday it will be business as usual at the shelter. When a Pomeranian is ready to be adopted it will be listed with all the other dogs during normal operating hours.

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