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State witness casts doubt on Simpson's alcohol story

Simpson testifies under oath in Clark County District Court for the first time. (May 15, 2013/FOX5) Simpson testifies under oath in Clark County District Court for the first time. (May 15, 2013/FOX5)

As O.J. Simpson's week-long bid for a retrial moved into its fourth day on Thursday, the state called two witnesses, including a doctor brought in to poke holes in Simpson's claim that alcohol clouded his awareness.

Simpson's hearing is to determine if he deserves a retrial after being convicted of robbery and kidnapping in 2008. Simpson maintains he was not adequately represented in that trial.

Simpson on Thursday watched the surveillance images from the Palace Station Hotel & Casino in 2007 that helped seal his fate.

Simpson had been drinking that night. His current attorneys claim he was stressed and wasn't aware there was a gun in the hotel room when he attempted to retrieve sports memorabilia he believed was wrongfully taken from him.

"There are not sufficient behavioral signs to demonstrate that he would've been intoxicated enough to not perceive the events around him," psychiatrist Dr. Gregory Brown told the court.

Brown said video and audio of the events at Palace Station depict a group of men who knew what they were doing.

"They were clear, angry and direct, and they were responsive in general to each other's questions," he said.

An attorney for the victim, Fred Goldman, also took the stand, claiming some of the items Simpson took, including signed footballs, weren't rightfully his.

Attorney Malcolm LaVergne took the stand as well, saying he had concerns about Simpson's 2008 lead attorney, Yale Galanter. LaVergne believes Galanter gave Simpson a clear go-ahead to retrieve his memorabilia so long as he didn't trespass in order to do so.

"Mr. Simpson specifically came to him and proposed an idea to him, and Mr. Galanter green-lit that idea. It may not have gone as well as they wanted, but they basically enabled and empowered a client, a fiduciary to do that," LaVergne said.

Galanter is expected to testify on Friday. The most interesting development came at the end of testimony on Thursday. The state hinted that it may want to call a surprise witness to rebut Simpson's testimony on Wednesday.

The judge wants to meet with both sides early Friday morning to discuss that potential witness.

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