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Cyber predators: What can parents do?

It's no secret that predators spend hours online searching for innocent children, but authorities say parents can step in before it's too late.

Toby Poston, owner of Tweaks by Geeks in Savannah, Georgia, says there's software out there that allows parents to monitor virtually everything. One of those programs is called eBlaster, and provides detailed reports on everything from websites visited to e-mails sent.

Another piece of software, made by the same company, is called Specter Pro. It records almost all computer activity.

Poston calls this type of software extremely robust, and worth the money for peace of mind. If you feel like this may be a little too much to keep up with, Effingham County Sheriff Jimmy McDuffie says he understands.

"Parents are busy, kids are on the telephone, the computer, all day long all night long," he said.

Investigator David Pollet says it's imperative to set boundaries.

"If you have multiple computers, I would keep them all in one location. I would keep one for family use and keep it in an area, living room or kitchen,where it can be visible and seen by you easily," he said.

Smartphones are a completely different story.

"We're having a hard time with those, because not all of that stuff goes through a server. It's not stored somewhere, and it's very hard and difficult to recover the information and prosecute someone because of the way the phones are set up," Pollet said.

He believes the best things for parents to do is completely ban their children from joining chat rooms on smartphones.

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