Apologetic Hawaii mechanic to buy new copter, car

Associated Press

HONOLULU (AP) - The mechanic who is taking the blame for last week's helicopter crash landing in downtown Honolulu says he's buying the company a new copter. He's also buying a new car for the college student whose parked Mazda was badly damaged when the helicopter skidded down the street.

Brant Swigart said Tuesday he's making the purchases to make up for not seeing the problem that caused the small helicopter's engine failure. No one was badly hurt when the pilot was forced to crash-land on the street but Swigart says he feels terrible that it could have been deadly.

Mauna Loa Helicopters President Benjamin Fouts says buying a replacement helicopter shows Swigart's character.

Fouts says pilot Julia Link flew a helicopter on Monday for the first time since the emergency landing.

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