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Movie Review: IRON MAN 3

IRON MAN 3 is an early season blockbuster that has already earned over 800 million dollars world wide. But I can give it only a mixed review.

For me, the main reason to see IRON MAN 3 is Robert Downey Jr. whose talent and wit never fail to entertain me.

In fact, the humor in IRON MAN 3 delivers more fun than all the explosions and action scenes most of which feel like something I've already seen.

But fans of superhero movies won't be disappointed.

Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark, A.K.A., Iron Man, suffers from anxiety and panic attacks in part 3 of this saga which is not the sort of thing you expect to see in a superhero.

And quite often Tony has to confront danger without the protection of one of his iron suits in this latest take on the comic book adventure.

But never fear, IRON MAN 3 is still mainly a thrill ride with a well developed a  sense of humor--and it's more enjoyable than IRON MAN 2.

The most spectacular action sequence involves a lot of people being sucked out of a gaping hole in the side of Air Force One.

Tony: How many in the air?
Computer voice: 13, sir.
Tony: How many can I carry?
Computer voice: four, sir.

But as always Tony figures out a way to beat the odds and save every one of the people falling through the sky.

IRON MAN 3 is also blessed with two delicious villains. One is called Mandarin, an Osama Bin Laden type played by Ben Kingsley. Mandarin breaks into TV broadcasts when he has a message he wants to deliver. "You don't know who I am," he sneers. "You'll never see me coming."

 And Tony certainly doesn't see him coming to attack his mansion on the cliffs of Malibu. Several helicopters bomb Tony's home to pieces.

Tony (from inside an Iron Man suit: Jarvis, where's my flight power?
Computer voice: Working on it sir. This is a prototype.

IRON MAN 3 reunites Robert Downey Jr. with writer-director Shane Black. Back in 2005 they made a film noir spoof called KISS KISS BANG BANG which is a better movie than this one made for only a fraction of the cost. (15 million)

Although I appreciate the creativity and extra humor added to the superhero formula in IRON MAN 3, I can't help thinking that it shouldn't cost 200 million dollars to make a movie that offers nothing more than a couple of hours of escapist fun.

Terry Hunter, Hawaii News Now.

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