World Fireknife Competition Ignites PCC

World Fireknife Competition ignites PCC
Steve Laulu
Steve Laulu
Rex Tiumalu
Rex Tiumalu
Joseph Cadousteau
Joseph Cadousteau

It's a competition with an extra spark: the 21st Annual World Fireknife Championships is igniting the Polynesian Cultural Center.

Fiery competitors from across the globe are facing off, right here in Hawaii.

"It is the biggest, the grandfather of all competition that is out there," said Steve Laulu of the Samoa Village of the Polynesian Cultural Center.

"It's the olympics of fireknife dancing," said Rex Tiumalu, competitor. "This is what a fire dancer's dream is to come to this competition and show their skills."

And saying these young men and women have skills is an understatement, because these dancers are taking center stage to battle for the "world champion title" in junior and senior divisions. They're performing an ancient warrior dance with modern flair.

"It is crazier every year," said Tiumalu. "The pressure is more and more, and guys bring their "A" game, and more renovations to an old school dance like the Samoan fireknife dance."

From eating flames to spinning fire, this is an exhilarating showmanship of skills that took years to master.

"It took me 13 years to arrive the level that I am now, but each year I try to add new moves," said Joseph Cadousteau, 2012 World Champion.

There's still time to watch and feel the heat yourself up close and personal.

"There is plenty of room here for people to come and enjoy," said Laulu. "Also what's happening this week is that, we have our, 'We are Samoan Festival.' So it is a nice thing that accomodates all that is happening this week."

The championship finals end on Saturday, when a king and queen in all divisions are crowned. For more information, you can check out,
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