Student helps woman nearly 80 years older get to safety

Student helps woman nearly 80 years older get to safety

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Why did a Maryknoll High School student cross the road? To help lead a 96 year old woman to safety and now the simple act of kindness is getting a lot of attention.

Jacob Hee was crossing Punahou Street at the Dole Street intersection when he noticed an elderly woman.

"I was just walking. The old lady was still (at the curb) by the time I was halfway. So by the time I finished she was only at the halfway mark. So I decided to just be a nice guy and just go back and try and help her walk a little faster. I just grabbed her hand and tried to help her," said Jacob Hee, 17, Maryknoll High School Junior.

The light for oncoming traffic had already turned green. But someone in a car was able to snap a photo of the chivalrous gesture, which has now been seen by nearly half a million people on the HawaiiNewsNow Facebook page and shared nearly 4,000 times.

"I was just on my computer playing a game and all of the sudden my friends started going, 'oh my God Jacob you're famous!' And I'm just going what is going on?" said Hee. "It shouldn't be a big deal. I mean this is what you would expect anyone to do."

"I'm just an average Joe who just decided to do something nice," said Hee.

We have learned the woman he helped is a 96 year old resident of Arcadia, the retirement residence right next to Maryknoll School.

Hee describes himself as a wallflower, a shy and humble guy not used to all this new found attention.

"I love you," yelled a girl at Hee as he was walking past the lunch line.

"If the spotlight is on me then I'm not exactly sure how to react," said Hee. "Let's just say my heart is pounding inside my chest."

Hee does expect things to settle down by the end of this week and he hopes next week he'll be able to cross the street again without much fuss.

"It made me proud to know that our students do care and they are willing to go out of their way to help," said Toni Nishida, Maryknoll High School Vice Principal.

And that is certainly worthy of a like.

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