HECO: Hold on tight to their metallic balloons

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Graduation season is here and Hawaiian Electric Company urges everyone celebrating our proud graduates to hold on tight to their metallic balloons.

Metallic balloons are made of a material that conducts electricity. When a loose balloon tangles in a power line, it can create a short circuit that can lead to a power outage.

Tangled balloons may also present a safety issue for utility crews that have to remove the material from energized power lines.

To minimize the chances of a stray metallic balloon, please follow these simple tips: 

  • Always add a heavy weight on the end of the balloon string.  If you have several metallic balloons, each balloon should have its own weight.
  • At the point of purchase, make sure the retailer has securely tied the ribbon or string to the balloon at the sealing point.
  • Use only non-metallic ribbon or string.
  • Do not remove the weight until the balloon is properly deflated. The best way to deflate the balloon is to cut the balloon at the knot or sealing point.
  • Most importantly, never release metallic balloons into the sky.

If you see a metallic balloon or any object caught in a power line, please leave it alone and call Hawaiian Electric's trouble line at 548-7961 to report it.

For more information, visit HawaiianElectric.com and click on "Safety and Emergency."

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