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More victims testify in freeway shooting trial

Amie Lou Asuncion Amie Lou Asuncion
Samson Naupoto Samson Naupoto
Apelu Patu Apelu Patu
Toby Stangel Toby Stangel
HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) -

Toby Stangel smiled at his family as he entered the courtroom for the second day of testimony in his murder and attempted murder trial.

Amy Lou Asuncion said that during the early morning of June 3, 2011, she was driving west on the freeway when Stangel pulled alongside her truck and fired his pistol.

"When he changed lanes, he just started shooting at me," she said. "I saw him turn around and drive back towards me. So I got out of my car and tried to stop some cars passing by."

She was shot in the back but climbed over the freeway median, crossed east bound lanes and hid in bushes near Honolulu Ford.

"I thought she was unconscious," Samson Naupoto said.

He saw Asuncion run and fall. He stopped to help when a bullet hit him in the right leg.

"When I put my feet on the gas, I heard a loud noise. My feet was numb. i couldn't press the gas. I tried to reach down to see what's going on. I feel the blood," he said. Another witness testified that Stangel sped around him, got side-by-side with Asuncion and opened fire.

Stangel's attorney John Schum doesn't dispute the events but wants the jury to believe the violence wasn't premeditated.

"Is it safe to say that Mr. Stangel is a complete stranger to you?" he asked Naupoto.

"Yes," Naupoto said.

Stangel, 30, is also accused of shooting at police officers. If the prosecutor can convince the court of Stangel's intent in the shootings, he could be sentenced to life without the possibility of parole.

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