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Brazen burglars strike in Kaneohe

Brook Taniguchi Brook Taniguchi
Roy Yanagihara Roy Yanagihara

KANEOHE (HawaiiNewsNow) - A Kaneohe family lost nearly $20,000 worth of valuables during a burglary at their home. Brook Taniguchi left for work on Tuesday morning and returned that evening to find many expensive belongings missing. The thieves stole items like computers, handbags, and a safe containing cash and jewelry.

Taniguchi is now rushing to install a home security system. She had inquired about getting one just two days before the break-in.

"Lots of material things which can be replaced, but I think losing the security and comfort of being able to feel safe in your own home is what matters the most," said Taniguchi.

Taniguchi lives in the house with her son and girlfriend. She said the burglars broke in through the 11-year-old boy's bedroom window. She was shocked that the safe was gone.

"It was about 200 to 300 pounds so that did not go up and out the window and over the fence in the back. It had to have walked out my front door in which nobody seen it," Taniguchi said.

Taniguchi isn't the only one beefing up security. Roy Yanagihara of the Kaneohe Neighborhood Board added extra surveillance cameras to his home this past weekend.

"We've noticed some strange people in the neighborhood and in my particular neighborhood, I can be approached either from the street or from the ocean," said Yanagihara.

Yanagihara said neighborhood security watches haven't been active in the community in recent years.

"We've kind of been concentrating on disaster preparedness more so than crime prevention, so perhaps we'll remind them that one of the things they can do is take greater vigilance," Yanagihara said.

"I want just everybody in the community to just kind of look out for each other. If you hear something, if you see something, even though it seems kind of odd, just take a couple seconds to look out your window," said Taniguchi.

The thieves also took toiletries like toothbrushes, soap and shampoo.

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