Bondsman stabbed while protecting church leader

Gerald Madrid, second from right (purple shirt) with his family.
Gerald Madrid, second from right (purple shirt) with his family.

A bail bondsman, who will be featured this Sunday on Duane Dog Chapman's new reality show, is recovering after a violent attack at a New Mexico church.

Gerald Madrid was one of four people stabbed when a man rushed them on Sunday.

According to reports, the choir at St. Jude Thaddeus Church in Albuquerque had just begun their closing hymns when a man jumped over several pews, shouting "Fake preacher!" He then walked over to the choir area and began stabbing members.

Madrid is a popular Albuquerque bail bondsman who will be featured on this Sunday's (May 5) Dog and Beth: On The Hunt which airs on CMT.

According to reports, Madrid lunged at the suspect Lawrence Capener, who was attempting to stab the choir director.

"I instinctively just dropped my flute and I rushed the guy," said Madrid. "I rushed him. I never saw a knife, but I just rushed him."

Madrid says one of his stab wounds came about an inch from his spine.

"He should be commended for his courage and his bravery to leap in front of someone like that without any regard for his own safety," said Dog Chapman.

Dog and Beth Chapman have been in contact with the Madrid family since the stabbings. The Hawaii bounty hunters came to Gerald Madrid Bail Bonds to offer mentoring and implement 'Dog-style' hunting tactics, which include take-down training and learning to utilize of non-lethal weapons.

Bail for Capener has been set at $250,000.

Police say all victims are expected to survive.

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