April tourism numbers flatten out

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - More than 600 thousand people have flown to Hawaii this month, but a flattening out of arrivals could prevent April from being much better than February, even with two more days.

Arrivals by air so far this year:
January 724,118, up 5 percent, or about 34,000.
February 685,976, up 7 percent, or about 45,000.
March 803,111, up 9 percent, or about 68,000.

By Thursday, April had seen 584,230 arrivals, up 7 percent, or about 40,000. Extrapolating from daily arrivals data known through Thursday, the monthly tally should have topped 600,000 Friday and by month's end should be at least equal to the tally for February, a 28-day month.

The Hawaii Tourism Authority already suggested one explanation when it recently reported higher arrivals for March - that the calendar, which this year moved spring break from April to March, moved a lot of extra arrivals into the earlier month as well.

Mainland arrivals are up almost 6 percent so far this month:
To Oahu: up 8 percent, or about 19,000 to 271,000 arrivals.
To Maui Co.: up 4 percent, or about 3,000 to about 99,000 arrivals.
To the Big Island: flat, about 39,000 total arrivals through Thursday.
To Kauai: up 2 percent, or about 700, to 33,000 arrivals.

International arrivals, not counting Canada, topped 147,000 on Friday morning, up 13 percent, or about 17,000, compared to last year at the same juncture. Arrivals from Japan were up 7 percent to 94,000 while other international arrivals were up 27 percent to 53,000.

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