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There are more than half a dozen new movies worth seeing this weekend. Here are brief reviews of three of them.
STORM SURFERS 3D is unique for a couple of reasons.

First, there's the thrilling 3D footage, some of it shot from a surfboard inside a tube.

And second, the two main characters aren't young. In fact, they're pushing 50.
Aussie surfing legends Ross Clark Jones and Tom Carroll are more intelligent risk takers now than when they were younger, but they're still daring enough to risk their lives chasing giant winter storm waves near Australia. (STORM SURFERS 3D is showing at the Ward complex of theaters.)

 In GRACELAND, a feature film made in Manila by writer-director Rodney Morales, nearly every character is corrupt or compromised by corruption.

Even the sympathetic main character, a low income driver for a sleazy politician, covers up the fact that his boss has sex with 14 year olds. Otherwise, he'd be out of a job.

Everyone in GRACELAND lies, even the driver who is desperately trying to save his child's life. He can't tell his boss that a would-be kidnapper has killed his daughter and that his own daughter has been taken captive by mistake.

GRACELAND is an ambitious melodrama about revenge, betrayal, and hopelessness. It depicts a world nobody would choose to live in. (GRACELAND is showing only at Pearlridge.)

56 UP is the 8th installment in a series of documentaries that have followed the lives of 14 people from the time they were seven years old until now when they are 56.

These folks have been interviewed  every seven years, and in 56 UP we see excerpts from all those interviews.
And I have to say, it's absolutely fascinating to watch these folks grow and change on camera.

In the entire history of movies, there's nothing to compare to 56 UP. I highly recommend it. (56 UP is showing only at Kahala Mall.)

Terry Hunter, Hawaii News Now.

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