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ADHD - Public schools respond to classroom challenges

Keenin McCulloch Keenin McCulloch
Stephanie Dobbs Stephanie Dobbs
Emaley McCulloch Emaley McCulloch
Naohito Miura Naohito Miura
Joy Nekomoto Joy Nekomoto

HONOLULU (Hawaii News Now) - Ask ADHD students which subject is toughest, and you'll likely hear the same answer.

"The hard part I think is math" says Keenin McCulloch.

Stephanie Dobbs agrees, saying, "My biggest challenge was math." Dobbs graduated from Assets.

McCulloch is now a student at the private school that specializes in learning disabilities.

The McCullochs say they're lucky to have help sending their son to Assets. As his mom Emaley puts it, "It's more expensive than Punahou to go here. We definitely think it's worth it, but not everyone can do it."

So how are public schools addressing ADHD? We visited two math classes at Ewa Makai Middle School.

8th grade math teacher Naohito Miura says, "It's hard for at this age for kids to sit for 40-50 minutes at a time."

He turns pre-algebra into a sporting event, or what he calls a "trimathalon." He rewards students for right answers with a chance to score points.

"We're hoping at this level, maybe through games and competition they can be focused and have fun" says Miura.

Seventh grade math teacher Joy Nekomoto has taught for 16 years. She sees the value in out of the box techniques-- to keep all students focused. "Through literature, games and activities, connections, making those real life connections" says Nekomoto. "Strategies for ADHD students can work with all students."


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