Skateboarder hit by car going to school

EWA, OAHU (HawaiiNewsNow) - A Campbell High School student is recovering tonight after getting pinned underneath a car while riding a skateboard to school. It happened in an area where two other students have also been hit this school year.

It happened at 7:45 Friday morning on Kapolei Parkway in front of the Laulani Tides development when a 17 year old boy was hit by the gray Kia. Residents say the spot where the skateboarder was hit is a constant area of concern, mainly because of the limited line of sight and the lack of warning seeing people travelling down the sidewalk because of a fence and landscaping.

"He was stopped at the stop sign here and he had just started to drive again and pulled out onto the parkway and he had just started driving again when the boy rode his skateboard right in front of the cars and they just came together," said Sabrina Wertheim, witness.

"The kid got knocked down and was trapped underneath the automobile on the skateboard, pinned underneath it," said Jesse Potter, witness. "Up until the time they put him in the ambulance he was still unconscious and nonresponsive but he was breathing."

The boy is in serious but stable condition at Queen's Medical Center.

There have been two other kids hit by cars near Ewa Makai Middle School this school year. Many of the 820 kids walk, ride or skate to school. The school did lose bus service this year so more kids have had to find another way to class. But the vice principal doesn't think that played a factor in today's case.

"This really is a blind corner here with the fence being where it is you can't see pedestrians coming from the right. When pedestrians are coming this way you really can't see anybody coming from the right. They really need to change this," said Wertheim.

Residents do say kids ride quickly by the driveway and both kids and drivers need to pay more attention.

"Take a second glance. It's somebody's life. It's a child's life," said Wertheim.

"I hope for sure there are no other kids who are injured possibly even killed due to an inattentive driver," said Potter.

We did reach out to the property managers of Laulani Tides by Gentry to see if they'd be open to the possibility of cutting back some of the plants to improve visibility but we haven't heard back yet.

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