Local Connection: State of the City

By: Rick Blangiardi

Finally, we are hearing about some real movement on the homeless situation on Oahu.

It was refreshing that Mayor Kirk Caldwell used as a pillar of his state of the city address a message about housing our homeless, whether they are able to live under roof under one area or a number of areas.

Getting the homeless off the street has long been talked about, but this is really the first time that concrete steps are coming to the fore. We are eager to see the administration's comprehensive plan on May 1.

Until then, hearing the mayor talk about tackling the housing of the homeless before dealing with their employment, mental illness and drug addiction is welcome news.

Council members likewise had good ideas about what to do, emphasizing that once housing has been taken care of, it is easier to deal with those other issues.

Sure we have lots of problems in Honolulu, such as fixing roads and sewers, making sure our rail system is built correctly and under budget and getting our buses running in as many areas as possible.

But if we cannot get our residents off the streets and into something resembling a decent form of life, our priorities are not where they should be.

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