Local Connection: Under Threat

By: Rick Blangiardi

Hawaii has been in the news quite a bit lately and it's not the kind of attention we want.

The heightened tensions between the US and North Korea have led to outright threats from Kim Jung Un that he is ready to launch rockets aimed at the Guam and the US, particularly Hawaii.

B-2 bombers with nuclear capability have joined military drills with South Korea, leading to an all-out North Korean propaganda war and include photos of Kim planning an attack with maps of Hawaii and the US in the background.

Most knowledgeable military experts agree that there is no evidence that North Korea's missiles can hit Hawaii, much less come anywhere near our home.

One Asian-Pacific editor wrote, "Even if North Korea did have the capability and chose to use it, the likelihood of an overwhelming U.S. military counterattack would render any such attack self-defeating for Kim Jong Un's regime."

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