Local Connection: National Walking Day

Local Connection: National Walking Day

By: Rick Blangiardi

Progress can always be seen as a positive. We celebrate advancements in technology and science that makes our lives more efficient and convenient. An unfortunate side effect is that we, as a society, are becoming more physically inactive. Adults are spending more time at work than ever before. Sedentary jobs have increased 83% since 1950. In Hawaii, we are raising a generation that has at least 1 in 3 children who are diagnosed as obese.

Being physically inactive doubles the risk of heart disease! Fortunately, this can be an easy fix. The American Heart Association recommends 30 minutes a day, 5 times a week of physical activity, and you will experience benefits even if you divide it into two or three segments of 10-15 minutes per day!

The simplest, positive change you can make to effectively improve your heart health is to start walking. Its enjoyable, free, easy, accessible, social and has the lowest drop-out rate of any type of exercise. This Wednesday, April 3 is National Walking Day. This special 'icon day' is designed to inspire our communities to get out and move! So go ahead and take the first step to a healthier heart today!

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