Maui family court judge resigns

WAILUKU, Hawaii (AP) - A Maui family court judge resigned on the same day that a tampering complaint was filed against her.

The Maui News reports that Mimi DesJardins resigned as a 2nd Circuit Family Court judge on Tuesday. That is the same day a complaint was filed in Wailuku District Court charging her with tampering with a government record.

DesJardins was unanimously confirmed to the bench in late January of 2012.

The Maui News says the complaint alleges that DesJardins falsely made, completed or altered, or made a false entry in 10 documents on Feb. 17. The documents are needed to hold someone in custody longer than 48 hours from the time of arrest.

DesJardins is scheduled to appear May 2 in Wailuku District Court.

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