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Hawaii senator pushes for new limits to shield law

Sen. Clayton Hee Sen. Clayton Hee

Associated Press

HONOLULU (AP) - Hawaii state Sen. Clayton Hee is pushing to revise Hawaii's shield law to redefine its scope and curb what he sees as irresponsible journalism.

Hawaii's shield law protects journalists from having to reveal anonymous sources or give up unpublished notes in court proceedings, with exceptions for defamation and felony cases.

News media advocates hoped to make the law permanent this year without any changes. Journalism groups have balked at Hee's suggestion that newspapers should be printed and have paid circulation in order to be protected.

Hee says the naysayers are self-serving. He agrees with Hawaii Attorney General David Louie, who says the current law is vague.

Both the House and Senate voted to amend the law, though in different ways.

House and Senate lawmakers will meet on the bill Thursday.

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