You might expect a movie called SPRING BREAKERS to celebrate the wild abandon of college students on vacation.

But SPRING BREAKERS satirizes the debauchery that goes on in Florida when college students gather in beach towns to overindulge in sex, booze, and drugs.

Director Harmony Korine makes his point by exaggerating the depravity of four bikini clad young women and the drug dealing gangster who befriends them.
The film focuses on four bored coeds who want to go to Florida for spring break.
But since they don't have enough money for such a trip, three of them successfully rob a restaurant using squirt guns and sledge hammers. Talk about wild and crazy--these girls are pleasure seekers with absolutely no sense of morality.

The irony is laid on really thick as we watch scenes of drunken revelry while we hear the voice of one of the girl's talking on the phone. "Hi Grandma. Having so much fun here. It's so nice to get a break from reality for a little while. I'm starting to think this is the most spiritual place I've ever been."

But reality soon catches up with them. After spending all their money, the girls get busted for drugs. But they are bailed out by the film's most outrageous character, a drug dealing gangster, played by James Franco whose terrific performance is the main reason to see this lurid satire. H calls himself Alien and says he's not from this planet. With corn rows on his scalp and metal covering his teeth, he really looks sleazy.

And he lives in an apartment full of drug money and guns. As Alien says to the girls, "Some kids, they wanna grow up, be president. Some kids wanna be a doctor. I just wanna be bad."

And yet this crazy bad man who tries to con the girls into loving him is not nearly as far gone as most of them. He even helps one of the girls go home when she can't deal with the depravity any longer.

I can't really recommend SPRING BREAKERS. Too much of it is offensive and over the top. But on the other hand, the director kept my eyes riveted to the screen. He shoots and edits like a demented genius, and he's an expert at building music tracks that give the movie real vitality.

It's just that when this feverish movie finally ended, I thought he'd wasted his talent on a kind of cinematic graffiti.

Terry Hunter, Hawaii News Now.