Hawaii Koreans rally to denounce North Korean threats

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - With the increased tensions and threatening rhetoric from North Korea, Hawaii's Korean-American community came together Saturday to make their voices heard.

The demonstrators at the State Capitol held both American and South Korean flags. They also held signs denouncing the north, expressing their frustration at North Korea and anger toward the threats from the Communist government, especially threats that nuclear weapons would be used against the U.S.

Young Koreans studying in the islands were among those who joined in to denounce those threats. "I disagree with North Korea's nuclear," said student Gahyun Kim.

There have been threats from the North Korean government before, but this time, Koreans here say the latest threats have been much more specific, especially when it comes to the use of nuclear weapons and the naming of Hawaii as a possible target.

"It's a shock to us that they would say that without really having the capability to do so," said David Suh of the United Korean Association of Hawaii, which organized the event. "But at least, a threat is a threat."

Virtually everyone at the rally remains in close touch with family members in South Korea. And they believe that there's much more talk than action coming from North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

"I think what he's doing is he's trying to secure his position," said association member Amy Han. "He's young. He has a lot of other people who have been controlling from way back."

Even withe the rhetoric and tension, demonstrators said they are confident a possible attack can be prevented.

"They are ready for anything, ready for the attack," said Han. "They are ready to prevent, so the people in South Korea is not worrying about it at all."

"I believe we have enough deterrence, and there are diplomatic solutions to this, and there are things going on that can prevent worse things from happening," said Suh.

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