University of Hawaii plans Kauai satellite launch

Associated Press

HONOLULU (AP) - The University of Hawaii plans to put a satellite into orbit from the Navy's missile testing facility on Kauai in October.

The Manoa campus' Hawaii Space Flight Lab is leading what will be the first launch of a satellite from Hawaii.

The military has fired missiles into space from the Pacific Missile Range Facility but the payloads haven't remained in space long.

Faculty and students designed the satellite. Kauai Community College students will operate the command and control ground station.

The program began with funding from a 2007 defense appropriations bill.

University of Hawaii Innovation Initiative spokeswoman Kelli Trifonovich (tri-FAWN'-oh-vich) says Hawaii's congressional delegation wanted the satellite to launch from Hawaii. The Pacific Missile Range Facility is the only launch site in the state.

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