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Former SWAT member talks flash bangs


Chris Bain knows all about flash bangs.

"I was in SWAT for three years. I was with the Marietta Police Dept. for seven years," Bain said. "We like to hear that loud bang. It's a good thing for us."

Gwinnett County police used flash bangs Wednesday evening when they ended a hostage situation in Suwanee. Members of the Gwinnett police SWAT team said they shot and killed a man who was holding four firefighters hostage in a home. Bain did not take part in the operation, but he said flash bangs are crucial tools.  

"You are going to have a guy in the stack, generally a stack is eight people up to 12. Generally it's going to be the No. 2 guy with the flash bang in his hand and he's going to toss it inside the front door," Bain said.

The handheld devices are similar in size to a grenade, except they're meant to stun, not kill.

"It's going to go ahead and stun whoever is in that house. They are not going to know what just happened. They are going to be in shock, also if they are in sight of where that flashback was, it's going to blur their vision and it's going to make your ears ring a little bit," said Bain.

Bain said flash bangs give police the precious seconds they need to handle a potentially deadly situation with little to no injuries.

"Flash bangs are crucial for a SWAT team. It allows us to be effective with our job," Bain said. "It allows us time to enter the house and get in and do what we need to do safely before they realized what is going on."

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