Alarm company's closing confuses customers

Alarm company's closing confuses customers

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - After burglars hit her home last year, Polly Canterbury bought motion sensors and a security camera from Hawaii Alarm.

"I told my husband I wanted something because I didn't feel safe in the house anymore," she said.

When the system failed a couple of months ago, she called Hawaii Alarm to fix it. She reached a recording.

"It said you can't leave a message because the mailbox is full," Canterbury said.

Turns out Hawaii Alarm is gone. Its Koko Marina Shopping Center office is closed with no forwarding information. Its employees were let go, including Augie Tulba, better known as comedian Augie T.

He said the owner, Art Miller, hired him to help grow the business then fired him without warning in February.

"I was told to return my laptop, return my phone, return the company car, and he wanted to break ties with me, and fired me, basically," Tulba said.

He said Miller went missing after he canned the staff, reappeared briefly, then disappeared again.

On Hawaii Alarm's Facebook page, customers complain of non service, non reimbursements, and confusion over where to call for help.

"You pay for something and you should have your money's worth." Canterbury said.

Mainland company Monitronics agreed to fix Canterbury's broken alarm. It monitored her system for Hawaii Alarm. But her neighbor wasn't as lucky.

"She called up and they were canceled on their Monitronics.

Hawaii News Now tried unsuccessfully to reach Art Miller.

Tulba said he's as alarmed as Hawaii Alarm's customers, who are now finding out the company no longer exists.

"I was hired as an employee. And just like everybody out there, I'm a victim," he said.

In a written statement, Monitronics said: "While we are sorry to hear about HI Alarms, they are an independent company from Monitronics. Rest assured that Monitronics will continue to provide the highest level of service to our customers through other professional dealers located in Hawaii."

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