Body pulled from waters near Kewalo Basin

Body pulled from waters near Kewalo Basin

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Honolulu police taped off the far end of the Kewalo Basin Park after the body of dead woman was brought to shore by surfers around 7 a.m.

"Female, in her late 20's to 30's. Possibly Asian," said Honolulu Police Lieutenant Lt. Benjamin Mahi of the woman's description.

Twenty-nine year old local surfer Paul Evangelista made the shocking discovery.

"Kind of scary," said Evangelista. "I didn't want to leave her out there."

Evangelista said he was out surfing near the Kewalo's Surf break when he noticed something in the water near the second red buoy.

He went back to take a second look and saw the women's legs sticking up out of it. He noticed the woman's shoes, were still on her feet.

"It looked like something was floating, like a chair might have been floating," he said. "I guess I saw her shoes. Then, when I got closer, then I saw her hair, I guess. She was faced upside down. I grabbed her, like foot, and immediately called for help, to see if anyone could come help me pull her in."

Jay Kadowaki went to help and used his large stand up paddle board to carry the woman to shore.

"She was stiff and she wasn't breathing and she wasn't responding or anything," said Evangelista.

Honolulu firefighters helped them get her onto shore near the owl statue at the harbor entrance.

"She didn't look like she had any injuries or anything," said Evangelista. "Just looked like she had her sandle shoes on and like a bathing suit and some clothes."

Police say there was no identification found on the woman and that there were no immediate reports of any missing persons. Homicide detectives are investigating whether or not there are any signs of foul play. The Honolulu Medical Examiners autopsy report will help them determine how to proceed with the case, which is being initially classified as an unattended death.

If you have any information on the case, you are asked to call police

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