Merrie Monarch: Commemorative Book

Merrie Monarch: Commemorative Book

This year's 50th anniversary celebration of the Merrie Monarch has been all about tradition and honoring those who've helped make the festival what it is today.

One of those people is Uncle George Na'ope, who is credited, along with Aunty Dottie Thompson with re-invigorating the Festival when they introduced the hula competition in 1971.

A commemorative book "Humu Mo'olelo: Fifty Years of Hula, Culture and Tradition" pays respect to a vision he had to create a book of memories.

He asked for help putting something like this together back in 2005 and that same staff says their humbled to make his dream a reality.

"How proud we are as people of Hawai'i Island to host such a great event for so many years and that's what was so exciting about this was that. We got to hear the stories that other people haven't heard before," said Humu Mo'olelo, Brandon Nakano.

"I think everybody has a Merrie Monarch story, everybody has some kind of memory either as a dancer, as an artisan at the craft fair or something that brought them to Hilo to celebrate how proud we are as Hawaii and I think that's what we want this book to do and I think that's what Uncle's vision was," said Humu Mo'olelo, Skylark Rossetti.

"Humu Mo'olelo" is filled with stories, interviews and photos that chronicle the Merrie Monarch's humble roots.

For a copy of The Merrie Monarch Festival Fifty Years of HULA Culture & Tradition, a special edition of "Humu Mo'olelo: Journal of the Hula Arts" call or email Aaron Miyasato # (808) 333-2327 /

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