Some blame bars for violence on Sheridan Street

Some blame bars for violence on Sheridan Street

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - On Sunday morning, cops and crime tape surrounded the spot where Honolulu police said a 22-year-old man was stabbed, following a big brawl behind McDonald's -- the latest violent incident on Sheridan Street.

"That's ridiculous because it's getting worse," said Dexter Sensui, who leads the Sheridan Citizen's Patrol.

He also works nights at Meadow Gold. He's seen the violence first hand, including a dangerous encounter a week ago.

"I was outside there and a car pulls up, and they had this guy arguing with another guy. The next thing you know he pulls out a gun and he shoots it in the air," Sensui said.

He suspects bars on Sheridan Street are serving liquor past their 2 a.m. closing times, keeping intoxicated crowds in the area and increasing the chance for violence.

"There are people going in and out of those doors, but they have guards outside. That makes it really unusual," Sensui said.

Larry Hurst is chairman of the Ala Moana-Kakaako Neighborhood Board. Like Sensui, he believes some of the bars are breaking the rules.  He wants the Honolulu Liquor Commission to investigate.

"If the bars are caught doing that, they should at least have their license suspended," he said.

He also wants the bars spread apart so they're not next-door neighbors. He said when officers respond to incidents like Sunday's stabbing, they're leaving residential areas unprotected.

Sensui said something needs to be done so Sheridan Street is safe when the sun goes down.

"You wouldn't take your kid to McDonald's at 10 o'clock at night down there. It's scary," he said.

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