Local Connection: Steven Tyler Act

By: Rick Blangiardi

The state Senate has temporarily taken leave of its collective senses by approving by a 23-2 vote a bill that gives special protection to celebrities who could sue anyone who record their image that QUOTE "any reasonable person" UNQUOTE would find offensive.

Senate Bill 465, known as the "Steven Tyler Act" after the Aerosmith lead singer, is a terrible piece of legislation crafted by starstruck lawmakers who did not seem embarrassed in the least to have their pictures taken with Tyler and Fleetwood Mac drummer Mick Fleetwood on the Senate floor.

The bill is potentially unconstitutional and unnecessary in that current law sufficiently helps those whose privacy has been invaded with criminal and civil penalties for those who trespass on private property

It is ironic that celebrities like Tyler and Fleetwood whose careers were made on the backs of their fans want to have it both ways. They still crave the publicity but they also want criminal and civil penalties exacted when they believe their privacy has been invaded.

Hawaii News Now is  one of more than a dozen media organizations that opposed the Steven Tyler Act in the Senate and we have put forth our same objections to the House leadership.

Hopefully, the House realizes that celebrities should enjoy no more protection than the rest of us.

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