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Your Week in Viral Videos: You're never too busy to enjoy life

(RNN) – If someone you have probably never heard of said pretty much nothing while no one else was listening, that means you wouldn't care, right?

Usually, but former NFL defensive tackle Anthony Adams gave us one hilarious reason this week to give him a few minutes of our time.

The admirable self-deprecation that is often lacking in the ego-driven world of pro sports turned this from a sad show into a perfect viral video.

180 seconds of pure motivation

John Calvo's story is about so much more than weight loss. Anyone who is struggling with any type of problem should watch this video… over and over again.

Then watch it again, share it with your friends and get off the couch and go do something positive.

Bedtime bandit

This young man obviously has a bright future in something, and hopefully, it falls on the good side of legal. Really, how many 2-year-olds can break into a room using a pair of nail clippers?

If MacGyver has seen this, he probably doesn't know whether to be impressed or jealous.

SpongeBob kills a concert

No really, that's not a joke, and it happened in the most random way possible.

Life lesson: Crowd surfing is dangerous, but a balloon crowd surfing can become downright dangerous.


Wolf choir

Sergio Garcia tree shot

Contagious laughter

Backstreet Boys Harlem Shake

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