I'm so glad to be back! San Francisco is a great city, but it is SO cold! It's nice to have the tradewinds back, softly billowing through my long locks of hair.

I'm not sure how I managed to become the star of Sunrise on Hawaii News Now, but it's the best job in the world! While the hours are not so easy, I've trained Grace to carry me into work. Once I'm there, I have my own doggy bed, but I also like to sleep under the anchor desk.

A lot of people have been curious about my heritage. I'm hapa. (3/4 Yorkshire terrier and 1/4 Maltese) Good genes and regular grooming are the reason for my beautiful almond coat.

I was born in Ewa Beach on October 29, 2008. I joined the Sunrise crew as a pup in 2009. I think it's pretty obvious why they wanted me on air! If you look in the dictionary, I'm next to the word "adorable"!

As for the other members of the Sunrise crew - Steve likes to stomp around and scare me, but I know he loves me. Dan won't share the weather wall because he says I'm too short. I think he's too tall! I love Uncle Howard's calm, witty demeanor. As for Grace, I've spent hours training her, so I'll keep her around.

Make sure to tune into to see me on Hawaii News Now: Sunrise weekday mornings from 4:30am - 9 a.m. I'm usually on the couch.

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