No bail for defense contractor charged in espionage case

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - A Kapolei man accused of leaking U.S. military secrets to his Chinese girlfriend will remain in custody without bail while awaiting trial.

On Monday afternoon, a federal judge denied 59-year-old Benjamin Bishop bail after finding that he poses a potential danger to national security. The former defense contractor, who worked at U.S. Pacific Command, is accused of sharing secret information on war plans, missile detection, and other issues with his 27-year-old Chinese girlfriend.

Prosecutors argued that Bishop still posed a risk since he could recall many sensitive details from his years of work. The judge's decision came after he reviewed a declaration from U.S. Pacific Command and a sampling of classified documents recently seized from the defendant's home.

Bishop's attorney said he is considering an appeal.

"He's being detained without bail based on what's in his mind, based upon his knowledge and what he knows. There's no authority, case law, statutory or otherwise to lock people up because of what they know," said Birney Bervar, Bishop's lawyer.

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