Teacher Contract, Nuuanu Fatal, Flood Watch Issued

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Now that the State and teacher's union have reached a tentative contract deal, we answer the question ... can the State even afford it?  Jim Mendoza talks to the State's top money man and explains where the money will come from to pay the total price tag of $333 million dollars.


Honolulu police are investigating another deadly pedestrian accident.  An elderly woman was hit by a garbage truck in her condominium and later died. Ramsay Wharton shows us how it all what happened.

Guy Hagi is back from vacation just in time to warn us of some heavy rains headed for the islands.  Flash flooding is possible. He'll have the latest on our severe weather.


It's been off-limits for years...yet, tourists and avid hikers ignore the signs and hike up what's known as 'Stairway to Heaven'. Rick Daysog brings us up to date on a possible plan to re-open the hike to the public on Oahu's Windward side.

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