Colon Cancer Awareness Month

(Hawaii News Now) - The Endoscopy Institute of Hawaii is pleased to announce today it has received Medicare certification allowing individuals to receive life-saving examinations and procedures.  The certification is another milestone since the Endoscopy Institute of Hawaii opened its doors in October 2012. The Endoscopy Institute of Hawaii is the largest independent Honolulu Ambulatory Surgical Center dedicated to health care of the digestive tract and is located in the new Hale Pawa'a building in central Honolulu.

The Institute provides rapid access to colonoscopy for patients interested in screening for colon cancer.  The Institute offers pre-procedural evaluations at no additional cost to patients along with an innovative program allowing for patient self-referral to screening exams.  These unique services will reduce the currently excessive waiting times for colonoscopy.  One in every ten cancer related deaths in Hawaii is due to colon cancer. Colon cancer is the 2nd leading cause of cancer deaths in America. The Institute is capable of performing more than 10,000 procedures per year.

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