"Aloha, Lady Blue" Author, Charley Memminger

(Hawaii News Now) -  "Aloha, Lady Blue" is one of the few nationally published novels to come out of Hawaii, probably since Kaui Hart Hemming's "The Descendants." Gov. Abercrombie is very bullish on the book and even sent an advanced reading copy to his buddy, President Obama.

This riveting new mystery series pays loving homage to legendary author John D. MacDonald. Vivid and exhilarating, Aloha, Lady Blue transports you right to the heart of an island paradise populated with exotic women, glorious scenery, and whispered scandals. Memminger brings Hawaii to life so vividly that you can almost hear the pounding of the surf and catch the scent of plumeria on the breeze. Fans of John D. MacDonald's Travis McGee series will be swept away by this delicious, action-packed tale.

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